C/LS 11(1) Fall 2011


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Detail from "A Typical Mexican Girl, 2010″ by Gloria Holguín Cuádraz

Detail from “A Typical Mexican Girl, 2010″ by Gloria Holguín Cuádraz

This issue of Chicana/Latina Studies is grounded by the vital question: What does it mean to unearth voices and how do we do this? Whether we are scholars, administrators, literary or visual artists, working across the genres of critical analysis and creative thought, we both, individually and collectively, grapple with the process of coming into voice and speaking our stories. Artistic self-expression and critical analysis are highly politicized acts for they are constituted within a historical framework where our painting on canvas or with words has been forcibly controlled and denigrated on multiple levels.


Gloria Holguín Cuádraz
Unearthing and Recovering Memories in a Company Town: Litchfield Park, Arizona


Tifffany Ana López and Josie Méndez-Negrete
Testimoniando and Unearthing Voices: Chicanas/Latinas Painting and Speaking Our Stories


Ella Diaz
Seeing Is Believing: Visualizing and Performing Testimonio in Chicana/o and Latina/o Art

Annette Portillo
Writing Photomemories: Crossing Borders, Crossing Genres in Norma E. Cantú’s Canícula: Snapshots of a Girlhood en la Frontera

Susan C. Méndez
“Like a Dialect Freaked by Thunder:” Spiritual Articulations of Survival and Identity in Cristina García’s Dreaming in Cuban and Monkey Hunting

Marci R. McMahon
Alma López’s California Fashion Slaves: Denaturalizing Domesticity, Labor, and Motherhood


Lorna Dee Cervantes
100 Words to Your Secrets

Lorna Dee Cervantes
100 Words on Being Done

Lorna Dee Cervantes
100 Words After the Family of You

Lorna Dee Cervantes
100 Words to a Noisy You

luri Morales Lara
From Noisy Bones

luri Morales Lara
Spiral Notes

luri Morales Lara
Ode to Pulque

luri Morales Lara
La Vieja Luz


María Olivia Davalos Stanton
Thresholds of Personal and Communal Violence

Tifffany Ana López
Against Fear and Terror: Una Nueva Conciencia Sin Fronteras