Voces 1(1) Spring 1997


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Nancy K. Cardona
They Treated Me Like a Geography Lesson: Beauty and Commodity Culture in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye and Julia Alvarez’ How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents

Teresa Córdova
Grassroots Mobilization by Chicanas in the Environmental and Economic Justice Movement

Karen Mary Dávalos
La Quinceañera and the Keen-say-an-Yair-uh: The Politics of Making Gender and Ethnic Identity in Chicago

Michelle Espinoza
Three Views of Nature in the Southwest

Juana Mora
Learning to Drink: Early Drinking Experiences of Chicana/Mexicana Women

Caridad Souza
The Other’s Inappropriate Other: Racial Ambiguity and the Multiple Marginalizations of Puertorriqueñas in the Northeastern United States


Lenora Castillo
This Color Brown

Lenora Castillo

Lynda Jasso-Thomas
Otra Vez