C/LS 18(1) Fall 2018


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Building on the legacy of our ancestors and the activist genealogy of MALCS, we reinforced our commitment to continue this work with the release of this issue as well as creating “work that matters.” Chicana scholars, creative writers, and artists in this issue offer a perspective celebrating the resilience of Chicana/Latina identities and experiences.  For the first time in the history of Chicana/Latina Studies, the Creative Writing section features graphic text created by two women-of-color artists. We extend our hand to others “con el corazón con razón en la mano,” as we strive to individually and collectively share strategies on peaceful coexistence as well as spreading conocimientos.


Artist Statement

Patiently at home in the sacred land of contradiction Santa Barraza

Editor’s Commentary   

“Con el corazón con razón en la mano”: Community building, collective resistance, & decolonizing scholarship Sonya M. Alemán and Lilliana P. Saldaña, with Regina Campos


Pláticas~Testimonios: Practicing Methodological Borderlands for Solidarity and Resilience in Academia Judith Flores Carmona, Manal Hamzeh, Cynthia Bejarano, Ma. Eugenia Hernández Sánchez, Yvonne Pilar El Ashmawi Indigenous Feminist Hip-hop: Invoking The Maíz Diviner to Denounce Agribusiness in Mexico Norell Martinez De Malintzin Tenépal a La Malinche y La Colibrí: Nuevos Símbolos de Resistencia Para la Mujer  Chicana: “Malintzin Tenépal: A Preliminary Look Into a New Perspective” (1977) de Adelaida R. Del Castillo y La Canción Del Colibrí (1996) de Graciela Limón Concetta Bondi “Ratchet of the Earth”: Using Black Feminisms and Chicana Methodologies to Understand Brown Youth Resistance in Schools Sylvia Mendoza Aviña and Socorro Morales Hidden Histories: Gendered and Settler Colonial Landscapes in Northern California Karen Roybal

Creative Writing

Editor’s Commentary: Drawing Ourselves Whole Patricia Marina Trujillo Goat Herding and the Limits of Knowledge Fatima van Hattum Pintado La Roja She’ll Pee Like He Does Pray The Gay Away Five Ways to Love a Girl Bullets or Beans Anel I. Flores My Body, My Choice Anel I. Flores

In Review

Testimonios De Herederas: New Approaches to Theorizing the Archive Myrriah Gómez The Woven Word: Helena Maria Viramontes’ Tapestry of Knowledge Cristina Herrera Latina Teachers Contesting Education Boundaries Ana K. Soltero López Leaving Home to (Re)Member Erika Abad